About Data Conversion Solutions.

Established in 2001, DCS is the premier provider of software and hardware solutions to the Automotive aftermarket.  Our roots in the aftermarket started in 1986 while working for The Ultimate Corporation, a provider of large scale multi user computer system based on the Pick operating system.  During the 1980’s and into the 1990’s many successful warehouse distributors and large jobbers began to grow their businesses beyond the capabilities of their current computer systems.  There was no industry specific computer system that would allow for the growth these successful business were experiencing.  AutoSHIMS later named ‘Ultimate’ when it was acquired by Triad Systems because that industry specific solution for the large WD’s and Jobbers.

As one of the original developers of the AutoSHIMS application, DCS is uniquely suited to provide you with the software and hardware solutions to keep your business growing without the major disruption and the tremendous expense incurred when replacing computer systems.

Along with our flagship Warehouse Management system QuickCollect , designed specifically for the Aftermarket, we also offer hardware and database upgrades to the latest state of the art platforms.  The UniVerse database is the perfect replacement for the old outdated UltPlus environment.  UniVerse opens the door to unlock the true potential of your Ultimate software.  Features include, inbedded Python programming, RESTFul Web Services, performance at speeds more 100 times as fast as UltPlus.  Database stability is also a tremendous advantage, gone are the days of GFE’s, and file restores.  Daily backups are saved to inexpensive USB memory sticks, no more troublesome tape drives.  Best of all your users will not require any retraining – everything in the Ultimate application works the exact same way.  You only gain features and can take advantage of those features as your business leads you to.

DCS provides the complete upgrade package to UniVerse including the latest Dell or HP ProLiant server platforms.  We take care of every step of the upgrade process – from hardware to software.  DCS also offers ongoing application support with our team of senior application experts.  Our team offers over 95 years combined experience with the Ultimate application, more than any other company.